Death, Dehumanization & Degradation: Life under the Conservative Party

“And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.” ~ V.

By Reuben Mckeown (@ReubenJMckeown)

Ever since the Conservative Party won the election in 2010 there has been a disturbing change in this country. The popular narrative has become dominated by accusation. Yet not against those who might most deserve it but instead against the most vulnerable parts of our society. It has become increasingly acceptable to view those less fortunate or just less well off than ourselves as a little less human.

If you remember nothing else at the 2015 General Election remember these three crimes:


The Tories talk a lot about dealing with benefits, about stopping all those ‘immigrants’. They have given credibility to the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to scorn those on benefits, to view those with the ambition and drive for a better life as mere outsiders. I hear people talk and it’s always about ‘them’ and ‘those’. Yet what would you choose to focus on? Benefit fraud? Which amounts to only £1.2 billion, compared to the £16 billion unclaimed. Or more fantastic the £120 billion lost in tax evasion.

Tax evasion verus benefits fraud


Poverty is real and worse than ever.

Since the Conservatives came into power in 2010 the number of people given emergency food in the UK increased five times. Emergency food. It is time to stop believing that suffering is happening somewhere else, somewhere far away and not our problem. It’s here right now and it’s time to do something about it.

Food poverty UK


If it in anyway remains unclear how little regard the Conservative government has for it own citizens, let is be dispelled now. A freedom of information request revealed that “between 2010 and 2011 10,600 sick and disabled people died within six weeks of losing their benefits after being assessed as ‘fit to work’ by Atos and the DWP.” (Source Scriptonite Daily, please subscribe.)

This cannot be emphasized enough. It’s 204 loved ones a week. 29 thinking laughing human beings a day. Imagine the horror of it, these brothers and sons, these daughters and sisters spent what little time they had left being harassed by the government meant to protect them.


Let this now be absolutely clear to the reader: we live under a government with an absolute disregard for the suffering of others. Forget Cameron’s mumbling about Christian values and the ‘Big Society’. Poverty is real in the UK. Millions are living with it and thousands have died from it. When the time comes to vote, remember those who died for no reason but the indifference of the Conservative Party.



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